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Hybrid Events

in Parkhotel Pforzheim

If you want to hold your event as a hybrid event, we have the right technical equipment and the know-how. 

With our reliable and experienced technical service provider, we offer you various, individual packages and personal support so that the event can be carried out smoothly and the content can be perfectly conveyed both to the participants on site and to those in front of the screens at home.


€ 1397,00


up from € 4384,00


  • 1 fixed camera with USB interface for connection to your meeting laptop (easily recognized by any meeting software)
  • Connection to existing beamer
  • 2 x speaker microphone wireless (headset or hand microphone)
  • Sound system

This package is suitable for:

Simple online conferences, where the main focus is on communicating content is in the foreground (optionally as interactive videoconference with real-time interaction of the of the audience), instructions, lectures or presentations.


  • Camera technology incl. 1 camera with fixed position
  • Video direction incl. image mixing and with additional playout paths or house connection
  • Connection to your conference software
  • Sound direction incl. operator
  • Preview display
  • Flexible microphone system for 2 speakers
  • 2 room microphones for consultation

This package is suitable for:

e.g. online conference, general meeting with chat function, interactive talk show, digital congress with lecture program

Our technical service provider will also be happy to create an individual offer for your event.

Please feel free to send us your requirements.