Man sieht das Parkhotel von der Seite des Waisenhausplatzes aus hinter vielen bunten Blumen und einer großen Weide

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Directions by car

From the motorway exit Pforzheim-Süd and the federal roads follow the hotel guidance system or the signs Stadtmitte/CCP and you will be guided directly to the Parkhotel Pforzheim. The Parkhotel is internally connected to the CongressCentrum Pforzheim and is centrally located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Enz river. 2 minutes on foot to the pedestrian zone, 10 minutes to the train station, 45 minutes via the motorway to Stuttgart Airport, 20 minutes to Karlsruhe. There are two e-charging stations in front of the main entrance.

Directions by train

From Pforzheim main station, simply follow the signs for Stadtmitte / CongressCentrum Pforzheim. You will reach the Parkhotel Pforzheim in 10 minutes on foot.

Specials for navigation

GPS coordinates

Geographical latitude: North+     48° - 53`-  21,40"

Geographical longitude: East+      8° -  42` -  11,88"