Pforzheim's Jewelry World

Pforzheim's Jewelry World

In an ambience that is unique in Europe, undreamt of shopping possibilities for golden and brilliant masterpieces are presented on three floors. In addition, there are exciting experience areas as well as the opportunity to be creative even when working as a goldsmith. More than 250 years of experience and competence can be felt up close!

In the "Beletage" of the SCHMUCKWELTEN on the 1st floor the "Deutsche Schmuck und Uhren" and the "Galerie für Kunst & Design" present themselves. On this turntable almost everything revolves around design and quality "Made in Pforzheim".

In the Transparent Factory, the jewellery history of Pforzheim comes to life again and invites visitors to join in.


Westliche-Karl-Friedrich-Str. 56
75172 Pforzheim