Gasometer Pforzheim
Gasometer Pforzheim im Frühling mit vielen Gänseblümchen

Gasometer Pforzheim

The 360° panorama of the coral reef in front of Australia presents the unique underwater world of the reef in all its fragile beauty and complexity. The colourfulness and richness of detail of Yadegar Asisi's giant circular image will also show you the uniqueness of creation beneath the sea surface.

You can look forward to diving into this submarine world in the Gasometer Pforzheim. You will discover the fascinating refraction of sunlight under water in a colour rush from all shades of blue, azure and green and experience the yellow, red and pink shades of corals and marine animals.

The 360° panorama ROM 312 ended after almost 4 years of term and over 600,000 visitors on 09 November 2018.


Hohwiesenweg 6
75175 Pforzheim