Arts and Culture
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Arts and Culture

In Pforzheim you will find a distinctive cultural life with a wide variety of big city offers. The Pforzheim Theatre is a three-line theatre offering its visitors sophisticated entertainment consisting of opera, drama and ballet. The Kulturhaus Osterfeld in Pforzheim is one of the most important socio-cultural centres in Germany. In addition, the internationally renowned Southwest German Chamber Orchestra and Germany's oldest jazz club can also be visited in Pforzheim.

Visitors interested in art will find modern and contemporary art in the Pforzheim Gallery. The municipal art collection with works by artists of the 19th to 21st centuries, who are related to Pforzheim and the Northern Black Forest region, is presented in changing exhibitions. Contemporary art can be admired in the "Kunstverein" in the Reuchlin House and in the Galerie Brötzinger Art.

The Kupferdächle, which offers numerous workshops and events, is very popular among young people.

Theater Pforzheim
Am Waisenhausplatz 5, 75172 Pforzheim
07231 392440


Kulturhaus Osterfeld
Osterfeldstr. 12, 75172 Pforzheim
07231 318210


Figurentheater Raphael Mürle und Marionettenbühne Mottenkäfig
Kirchenstraße 3, 75172 Pforzheim
07231 463234


Pforzheim Galerie
Bleichstraße 81, 75173 Pforzheim
07231 392113


Kallhardtstraße 31, 75173 Pforzheim
07231 280950