Salon Vicenza


Height2.75 m
Size62.00 m²

Seating possibilities

  U-Shape 16 seats
  U-Shape (chairs inside and outside) 36 seats
  T-Shape 24 seats
  Parliamentary (with tables) 24 seats
  Cinema 50 seats
  Ball 40 seats


Flipchart with Paper and Pencils 15.00 EUR per day
Suitcase with utensils (paper, pens, pins...) 28.00 EUR per day
Video camera with tripod 56.00 EUR per day
Videorecorder (VHS-PAL) 23.00 EUR per day
Television 23.00 EUR per day
Lectern with microphone (wired) 45.00 EUR per day
Overhead projector (400 watt) 22.00 EUR per day
Canvas 15.00 EUR per day
Metaplan board/Pinboard with paper and pens 15.00 EUR per day
LCD-data Video projector (2000 ANSI-Lumen) 80.00 EUR per day
Tie microphone 35.00 EUR per day
Laser pointer 11.00 EUR per day
Slide projector with remote control 30.00 EUR per day


  • daylight
  • windows can be opened
  • air conditioning
  • WLAN available

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